Serving Midland, Michigan.



Q. Length of time for a lease?

A. All leases are on a 1 (one) year basis, unless otherwise approved.


Q. Are pets allowed?

A. Cats are sometimes approved if spayed/neutered and declawed.

Dogs are at this time not being accepted due to previous issues.

(Please double check with complex details for current information.)


Q. How much is the security deposit?

A. Generally the security deposit is the same as the rental amount.

Depending on the property the security may be more.


Q. If i am approved for a pet will it require a deposit or extra monthly rent?

A. Yes both will apply, depending on the owner of each particular unit and his fees.


Q. What forms of payment do we accept?

A. Cash, Check or Money Order at taken at this time. 

We do not accept credit or debit.

If paying by check you will not get a receipt your carbon copy or bank statement is your record.

If paying by cash you will always without question leave the office with a receipt.